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Shero Summit Live   Sept. 24th – Sept. 26th, 2021

Thank you so much for your interest in being loud and proud about the Shero Speaker Summit and supporting me to serve more amazing women like you. This is an opportunity to invite amazing women into our community who you know will gain value. Below are graphics, copy, and your special code to give a discount to your friends and members of your mailing list to join us at the upcoming Shero Speaker Summit. Here’s how you will benefit from sharing your SHERO affiliate code:
  • You will receive 50% of the registration fee (which is discounted to $77) for each person that registers with your code!
  • When they sign up for a bigger program, you will earn 10% commission on the cost of the advanced program FOR LIFE. For example, if they sign up for a new program each year, you continue to receive the 10% commission each time they sign up – with no expiration date!
  • If someone registers for SHERO using your code, you will receive a FREE seat in my upcoming 4-week Group Programs Master Class (valued at $297) to be held in November 2021.
  • You will receive a gift each quarter that you send referrals to me.

I would greatly appreciate your support in sharing the Shero Summit with other women in business. I encourage you to use some of the fun graphics below to post on social media (tag me!). Also, see the done-for-you email content written below to send to your list. Plus, you know the most effective way to have your friends use your code is to personally invite the gals you know will gain massive value in our community.

I am sending you 1,000 thank yous for helping me to spread the word about this awesome summit!


PS- Need assistance? Contact support@caterinarando.com and the Shero Summit support team will be happy to help!

For your email list:

Dear ___,
I am sending you this note because I know you want to build your business and, if you are like me, you welcome new ways to do it that do not involve a lot of time or money. With that in mind, I have something really incredible to share with you.
Caterina Rando’s 3-day Shero Speaker Summit is all about using public speaking to gain insta-clients. If you are not yet speaking, or even if you have been speaking for a long-time, you will gain a lot of super tips and strategy tweaks at this event that will have you add clients quickly. I have worked with the host, Caterina, a mentor extraordinaire to women in business. She has helped me a lot in my business, especially around my confidence and know-how around using public speaking to get insta-clients.
The Shero Speaker Summit is not a public speaking class, although Caterina will give you some upgrades there as well. This three-day live, virtual event is about embracing public speaking as a key way to gain clients and serve clients. During this event, you will:
  • Uncover the common mistakes you may be making when speaking that prevent you from gaining insta-clients, and find out how to make an effective offer with ease.
  • Gain tested steps on what to do before, during, and after a speech to generate both now-money-now and more money later from your speech.
  • Understand how to catapult your business with intro-events. Caterina will share her proven method that many women like.
  • Be a part of an amazing event full of like-minded, like-hearted women on a mission that will uplift you, energize you, and get you into massive action like nothing before. You will leave with your superpowers on maximum.
I know you are a savvy, ambitious woman with big plans and you like learning while having fun and expanding your network. Be an insta-yes to attend the Shero Speaker Summit. This event will be a positive turning point in your business.
Use code (insert your personal code here) to register for $77 (Regular Price $197) at www.sherosummitlive.com

Shero Speaker Summit Live

Friday, Sept. 24th 1-4pm PT
Saturday, Sept. 25th 10-4pm PT
Sunday, Sept. 26th 10am-12:30pm PT

For social media:

If you haven’t attended one of Caterina Rando’s amazing summits, now is your chance! The Shero Speaker Summit is about embracing public speaking as a key way to gain clients. You are going to learn so much while having a great time and expanding your network! Mark your calendar for Friday, Sept. 24th – Sunday, Sept. 26th. Use my code (insert your personal code here) to register now at www.sherosummitlive.com!
PS- early registrants will receive their very own Super Shero Cape and welcome gift before the event – grab your spot now! #caterinarando #sherosummitlive #twibc #shero #sherospeakersummit #thrivingwomeninbusiness #publicspeaker #womeninbusiness #femaleentrepreneur

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Promo codes, in alpha order by first name:


  • Anastasia Schuster (Lipske)  ALSHERO
  • Andrea Willoughby  AWILLSHERO
  • Andrea Woolf  AWOOLFSHERO
  • Ann Marie Packard  AMPSHERO
  • Catherine Miller  CMSHERO
  • Chwen Lim  CHWENSHERO
  • Cinthia Varkevisser  CINTHIASHERO
  • Debbie Campbell  DCSHERO
  • Debbie Ternes  DEBBIESHERO
  • Diana Morgan  DIANASHERO
  • Dr Amba Dryge  DRAMBASHERO
  • Eddie Moore  EDDIESHERO
  • Elaine Williams  ELAINESHERO
  • Elisabeth Stitt  ESSHERO


  • Erika Gimbel ERIKASHERO
  • Heather Rogers MAGICSHERO
  • Kathy Culver KATHYCSHERO
  • Kelly Loyd KELLYLSHERO
  • Kelly Stark KSTARKSHERO
  • Laura McKenna LAURAMSHERO
  • Maurine Xaviar MXSHERO
  • Pamela Meyer PMSHERO
  • Paula Allen PAULASHERO
  • Peggy O’Neill  PEGGYSHERO
  • Pradnya Leitner PRADNYASHERO
  • Rayna Lumbard RAYNASHERO


  • Simone Hoa  SIMONESHERO
  • Seema Giri  SEEMASHERO
  • Shannon Sundberg  SHANNONSHERO
  • Sharon Caren  SHARONSHERO
  • Sheya Chisenga  SHEYASHERO
  • Stephanie Lueras  STEPHLSHERO
  • Sue Bonzell  SUEBSHERO
  • Susan Tollefson  SUSANTSHERO
  • Susan Zartman  SUSANZSHERO
  • Terry Sayre  TERRYSHERO
  • Tonya Tyus Parker  TTPSHERO
  • Tracie Root  TRACIESHERO
  • Tracy Tighe  TRACYTSHERO
  • Tyra Jarvis  TYRASHERO
  • Wicondra Stovall  WSSHERO
  • Yvonne Bethe  YBSHERO